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Gliffics - Just A Thought lyrics

These are my feelings and my feelings are true
Smoke a gotti and if I had a gun it be a shotti
And more than likely I probably body you
Kiss your cheek say goodbye to you
Like a true gentleman
See your own friend can be your own worse enemy
Many men and men with many faces
Talk a lot of nothing but never many cases
Never locked in cages
I see your cards no aces
I am the big brother who embraces
Puts the little ones in their places, no patience
In this world there is people who you friend
Than there is people that pretend
In my world that's all coming to an end
Man, you do what I never do
I do what I better do
Get loot, knock boots
Smoke contraband, make travel plans
Even got medical and dental, damn
Got my own crib, my own whip
Something to go home with and now you mad cause you ain't got jack shit
Im a entrepreneur, my flow is the manure
Watch how I maneuver
From NY to Cairo its hiero Gliff
Above the clouds and the satellites
Chilling with god killing the parasites
Living the lavish life
So don't push me pussy I get it in like love at first site
Get it right, you a rappers delight
Aright, so far ahead of the game im out of sight
Breaking night, taking flight
Tell me whats your destination
You ain't on the reservation
You ain't gliff you're a imitation
Being real is not a job its my religion
I envision your death
Prediction, drug addiction
True to one self is science not fiction
Listen, lead, never follow
Peace this my message in a bottle
And no fear, this is what you hear every light year
No hypnosis, im so focused
I'm not like them phony
I'm not like them bogus
Consider this your bonus
See me in a suit so classy
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And once I open up my mouth ayo the kid so nasty
And just imagine the flow is not mastered
Smoked a L now im blasted
Like I was in my youth
Rhyming on the street no sleep
Up to no good ain't doing nothing sweet
But every third time is a charm
And yes im the bomb
With the world in my palm
Son I never meant harm
Push it to the limit, no gimmick
Its just me and the critic
And the story of my life
No manuscript you better read it right
Son I'll show what its like at night with no street light
Whats these wolves would do in spite
Shut your mouth you wrong and im right
So dumb, I don't want to shoot the fair son
You say you live by the gun so, so, you die by gun
I know you knew that was coming
Ask me how im doing, every day im doing better
To clever, still, money I earn
Money I burn like a third degree
Your mother never met another like me
You see man made the money and money made me
And now your hands out like everything I got came free
Let me show you how we do this
Gliffics is the truest like a meditated Buddhist
Music's how I medicate the foolish
I smoke the green that give you contact
Closing million dollar deals call them contracts
Want to see me more clear change your contrast
Better think fast, gliff haul ass and I move in all lanes make path
I deal with large numbers so you bet I know math
I can fly the world first class, world class phenomenal
I'm a do me, on my own two feet
And if gliff feeling froggy than gliff going to leap
And if I fall than it wouldn't be to sleep
Got to hustle like im raised in the streets
And I was raised in them streets
You know them walls have ears so think before you speak
So im always on the move every day of the week
And what you hearing right now is a mother fucking
Ill skilled rapper with a dope technique on this bomb as beat
Suited up you would think I work on wall street
I can sell a fiend concrete
And jail make niggas come clean like dirty laundry

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