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Gliffics - Burgundy Walls lyrics

Burgundy walls, don't you wish you had some burgundy walls?
Ayo burgundy walls be looking good in the fall, ya know
I remember when, I said, I said I remember then

Verse 1:
Living in my youth where my actions excused by my innocence
I broke laws, never broke jaws
I drop jaws and soon enough ill drop yours
Like draws on a ho that can't wait to f** on the first date
Better late then never is what they're saying when they're wishing me belated
Im faded, eyes low sedated,the greatest thing created
And even though I just made it, I check mated my way in
Slipping through the cracks, any world I adapt
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Chameleon, the felon, Don Corleone
And now I know whats right from living wrong, NYC we get it on, im on

Verse 2:
Rikers, group homes, detention centers, juvenile delinquent
And just a blink of an eye, the time fly
Never question where it's taking me
As long as god awaken me, im making me a move
Grinding on the groove, show and prove I am not an over night
In this very moment I am Dilla on the mic, Langston Hughes when I write
Poetic when the ink spill and still
Some apples sit still and some apples fall far from the tree
I am the great anomaly, I am the break in monotony
I am a star, Astrology and what I say is intellectual property

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