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Gliffics - Burgundy Walls lyrics

Burgundy walls, don't you wish you had some burgundy walls?
Ayo burgundy walls be looking good in the fall, ya know
I remember when, I said, I said I remember then

Verse 1:
Living in my youth where my actions excused by my innocence
I broke laws, never broke jaws
I drop jaws and soon enough ill drop yours
Like draws on a ho that can't wait to fuck on the first date
Better late then never is what they're saying when they're wishing me belated
Im faded, eyes low sedated,the greatest thing created
And even though I just made it, I check mated my way in
Slipping through the cracks, any world I adapt
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Chameleon, the felon, Don Corleone
And now I know whats right from living wrong, NYC we get it on, im on

Verse 2:
Rikers, group homes, detention centers, juvenile delinquent
And just a blink of an eye, the time fly
Never question where it's taking me
As long as god awaken me, im making me a move
Grinding on the groove, show and prove I am not an over night
In this very moment I am Dilla on the mic, Langston Hughes when I write
Poetic when the ink spill and still
Some apples sit still and some apples fall far from the tree
I am the great anomaly, I am the break in monotony
I am a star, Astrology and what I say is intellectual property

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