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Giovanni Odtrill - Old men lyrics

[Intro 1: Giovanni Odtrill]

Find Religion
G.Od Blen

[Verse 1 : Giovanni Odtrill]

Got sh** written
That I prolly never read out
Time still ticking
Can't you see
The foes are fleas now
Cause I'm so high
Looking down I can't believe wow
Soul like feather
We just drifting with the breeze now
My n***as try to tell me
I should ease off
So I stay spitting
Till a piece a f**ing teeth lost
Flow stay clean
Never need floss
So acidic
So the saltiness gon' dissolve
Now I got the gas looking like diesel
VINtage clothes
I'm a old soul
It's oh so sweet
When you getting checks
Shame they think they next
But really awful
n***a I hit blackjack before
21 and they all fold
My n***as play ya cards
This chess you taking L's
The whole knight
Stay plotting
Ready for a fist fight
Book a knowledge
Stay jotting
Till the targets insight
Went and joined the game
And know no way
For you to win right
Just sit tight
Cuz this gon be a long trip
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But until then we ga**ed
I just chill until the shrooms hit
Lights out u need a new switch
Looking awfully foolish
Figured u was phony
n***a I int choose to play
The game it f**ing chose me
O man

[Verse 2: Shaiii]
Check me out wow
Yeah check me out yo
The world is trap in poverty
Political leaders have become enslave to immorality
You display a fraction of, your mentality
When you pull at these girls, who aren't clad properly
This shows your lack of dignity
Demonstration of cruelty
Is when a grown man, arrested for taking away a girls virginity
And in the court room, the jury find him not guilty
Is this a reflection of, my society?
Can someone explain to me, please?
Why are there B's and D's if their goal is to save the country
And everybody seen the face of poverty
It is a pity, it attack everybody with no sympathy
They beg for mercy
When me and Giovanni act like mercenaries
Taking things into our own hands like a vigilantly
She would, always monopolize the conversation
New situation, any tattoos or j**els are you down with the hooligan crew
Before they shoot?
(du du du)
The real can never die, we multiply
King kunta in a suit and tie
A smile can hide your demise
Fools out here think they are ever so wise
A lot of these n***as claiming god status in their flow
See I could care less, bout being the best, in Barbados
Play the music on the radio
Real black music, young kelvin Doe
Down to cause genocide
Even on stranger tides
Send me any rapper, I swear that I can smoke em
Usually I do easy on all of you n***as
But for the lower entities I gotta leave um holy
This is a eulogy, coddles
Thoughts are an art of the heart
And this verse is barely a doodle

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