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Giovanni Odtrill - GREEN $KiES lyrics

[Intro :Instrumental]

[Verse 1: Giovanni Odtrill]
Preaching to the masses, Using monotone resentment
Tell me why my brothers still imprisoned
Bending these bars I just hope you listen
To my theories
Fragments of the truth who do I believe
Before I be finished prolly besiege me
On bended knees, I plead
Why do we deserve the envy
Here's what the white man tells me
Reason why we so unfriendly
My enemy
Why i hate black entities
Exhibit these negative energies
Y'all trapped us in ice
I'm sure you watch Isis
Heads gone for diamonds
And these diesel prices
Imma make you a star Giovanni
What your price is?
I laughed at lucifer
I know my soul is priceless
Too righteous
Though i been feeling lifeless
Drowning in my vices when you left for dead
What right is
When you left for dead what life is
Only G.Od
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Can heal the blindness (This a crisis)

[Verse 2: Giovanni Odtrill]
Preaching on this pedestal
Tryna' propel my people
Nigga do the math
They classed us not equal
Every shot they take at us
Know that It'll be lethal
But to free my mind
I'll be doing time that's illegal
Heading to the summit
Just know that ill never stop this
Spaceship that i'm on
Till i'm gone
And i'm in the tropics
Genocide and suicide seems to be today's topics
Donald trump topping by a landslide
The road to riches
Well they filled with many landmines
Seeking out the truth
But we honestly stuck with these lies
This gon' be our demise
Something telling me
Your book of knowledge should be revised
Think i died
Chasing these Green skies
Lotto tickets, white pickets and levi's
We need to decide

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