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Ginette Claudette - Criminal lyrics

[Verse 1]
He had me before he had you
Before me probably somebody else to
I bet he told you how special you are
Cause we'll be different, but don't be so ignorant
Now you looking like the brand new flavor
I can always tell by his behavior
What he's telling you to keep you?
What he's doing just to please you?

He did it to me too
And I know it's easy so when you look into those eyes
Don't let him deceive you
I ain't the first, you ain't the last
Here are his lies

It's criminal what he does
I'm warning you he's not the type that you trust
He cheated on me for you
So don't be the next to be fooled
And I hope for you that you're the exception
'Cause later or soon he's going to fuck up
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I'm telling you it's criminal what he does
I'm telling you it's criminal
It's criminal

[Verse 2]
Watch those late night text messages
And your phone calls all get dismissed
And he'll tell you that he's in love
And this is different
But don't be so ignorant
Don't you be surprised when he starts flippin'
Up the script and tell you that you trippin'
He ain't gonna change he's useless
Girl I'm telling you he's ruthless

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

Girl you are grown
So you'll see for yourself
You will
He don't give a damn
About nobody else


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