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Gil Norton - Andro Queen lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now andro Queen has lost her ring
I think it used to sit right here
Encrusted in blue and hard and true
For now I will kiss her finger
Have you ever seen andro Queen
Wandering all for her ruby?
One day she'll come in through my window
Yes, she gave me her own true pledge

For what's missing i'll sacrifice my flesh
Only kissing you is so hard in this wild thresh
That's how it's been with andro Queen

[Verse 2]
Loving on our bed of flowers
Breathing in the smell of her musk
In a moon of milk she is scared, yes, she is
But she shows me under her silk
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Mi aspekti al la cxielo por via reveni
Mi aspekti cxe via mano al vidi la ringo
Kaj ni will promeni kune al via cambro
Nia ami will esti nova
Nia ami will esti nova

[Verse 3]
She's off on a silver rocket
Off to the gas and rings of Saturn
Off her head she gave me a lock, yes, she did
For my neck—a rusted locket


Only kissing you is so hard in this wild thresh [x2]

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