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Gil Mantera's Party Dream - Mood Swings lyrics

It looks like it just might be that time of month again
This kind of behavior has been driving me crazy
From beginning to end
I just lay low, and bide my time
Keep my mouth shut and everything will be fine
I know I'll never win
But I never want to lose my girlfriend

She's the kind of girl who always wants to have fun
Lots of fun
But when she gets too loose, I know I should be on the run
When the magic's gone, and the well's run dry
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I'm going home early because I made my baby cry
There's nothing I can do when my baby's feeling blue
And that's true, and that's true

I can give you one emotion
Take some time to think it over

I don't want to change the world
I'd just like to keep our love from falling down
And get back to how it used to be


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