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Gil Mantera's Party Dream - It Feels Good To Move lyrics

[Verse, rap: Jackson]
I don't mind stealing pound cake
From the mouth of a poisonous brown snake
k** it, skin it, turn it into boots
When I'm finished, fancy camera shoot

Click-n-clack in beautiful light refraction
Every move I make's a call to action
Magnificent monster initiative
Die by the roadside, broken I loved to live
Pool-side pep-talk, said I'd love to give
Guess who's coming to dinner to teach your kids
To awaken their champion spirits?
Your favorite ice cream melts when I'm near it

Steer you right like a seeing-eye dog should
We are men manhandling God's goods
Grand men, tear it up, f** with grouches
We turn stage coaches to living room couches

[Chorus, sung: Jared]
And it's the trouble inside you
It's burning you down
Smash that sneaky motherf**er into the ground
Goodbye to sleeping, glory to you
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These dudes are here to tell you:
It feels good to move

[Verse, sung: Ultimate Donny]
I don't want no money for the things I do
I wake up in the morning, I got nothing to prove
Dancing for my freedom, who can tell me why?
The answer's in the question, eagle in the sky
Living in the limelight, the universal dream
When I get that rush, things ain't what they seem
War pigs have the power, we don't have none
So raise a little hell baby, gimme your love

[Chorus, sung: Jared]

[Break, vocoder: Gil Mantera]
Losing all your marbles
Wisdom of the gods
Feeling so fantastic
Fighting for the cause
Dancing with an airplane
Moving on the line
Fire up your engines
Open up your mind

[Chorus, sung: Jared]

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