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Gigan - Skeletons Of Steel, Timber And Blackened Granite lyrics

Blue-white lightning
Surging through in a blinding flash...
Smooth as gla**
Fierce as fire
Unbent like marble
Unbroken like steel
Spider ships and shark fighters
From a rogue galaxy
The armies of doom
Robo-terydactyl attack
Orchestrated but chaotic laser blitz
Resulting in total submission
Frail human command
Eroded by miscommunications and greed
Enables infiltration and destruction...
Earthly armaments
A fool's paradise...
Prepare for insurrection!
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Vibrant cones of blinding light
Blistering winds and toxic plumes
Twisted iron and melted steel
Burning wood and poison fumes...
Unrelenting barrage
Insectozoid carnage
Scattered and fleeing in all directions
Frozen in time
The faces of war
Total desperation
The unilateral fate is clear
Rubble and wreckage
Cages of stone
Obliterated landscape
Paths strewn with bones
Futile existence
Aimless trail of d**h ahead
Once bright futures now replaces with impending dread...

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