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Gigan - Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting The Attack lyrics

Gargantuan stone golems
Poised and ready
With an unearthly shriek
They lumber forth
Ma**ive and encrusted with time
For millennia they observed...
Absorbing and processing fantastic amounts of latent energy of all types
Their broken landscapes a forgotten fixture
A flawless unintentional trap
Between the super and the natural
Between those two is a gap
A gap sometimes overflowing with infinite amounts of molecular energy
Created by positive and negative thought...
'Twas this energy that pulsed and surged
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Careening towards the "humble" teeth of the land
Thus opening the gaping maw of d**h
Once animated-
The shambling and plodding colossi
Unleash a brand of archaic carnage unmatched in its
Efficiency and savagery!
The once proud planes are now a desolate quarry...
No more flesh
No more soul
Just stark judgment
Made of stone
The barren landscape proudly displays its strength-
A strength nurtured by the never ending scars of ignorance
Left behind by the throngs of organisms too encircled by their own lives
To focus on the positive energy need to spurn their own demise

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