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Gigan - Influence Through Ritualistic Projection lyrics

An infinite prism
Unbroken avenues of color and light
Unobstructed travel
Equations and fractals - Scientific might

Omnipotence leads to arrogance
The need to control
Foresight is not the future
Each journey takes its toll...

Heat bends the air
Reality pulls apart
Physical displacement
Near rupture of the heart
Rapid palpitations
Fluids leak through the skin
Intense dehydration starts from within.

Never really noticed
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Just a shimmer or shine
A presence is felt
Sometimes dark
Sometimes divine...

At first there is confusion
Was that my mind?
Then there is revulsion
What lurks inside?

Subtle like a feather
Just a tickle in the ear
New thoughts and suggestions
Followed by a sense of fear...

With results behind them
Through their spells they return
Their machinations in place behind them
Our world is set to burn

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