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Gigan - Electro-Stimulated Hallucinatory Response lyrics

Clandestine cosmic operation
Funded, sanctioned, supported
Compa**ion aborted
Specimens sorted
Conditions afforded
The sheep file in
Lifespans are shorted

No sedation
Forced in your space
Crushed with no air
Apparatus and instruments
Alive with the charge
Under the eyelids
In through the gums
Pushed through the webbing
Of two broken thumbs...

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Volts charge
Limbs contort
Skins sizzle
And circuits short
Withdrawal or current
Immediately submerged...

Enter the void...
What do you see...
Do you see your dreams...
Your dreams are real...
What do you see...
They see your dreams
Your dreams are real
They see your dreams
Your dreams are real
They are not real
Your dreams are real

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