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Gigan - Bio-Engineered Molecular Abnormalities lyrics

Blacklisted missions
Covert operations
Wrapped within cultish secrecy
Electronical magicks
Sorcery, steel and substance
Molecular manipulation
On a rudimentary level
Twisted motivations
Resulting in horrendous
Affronts to organic life...

Accelerated growth
Unheard of intellect
Chemical cocktails flow
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Freakish abhorrence
Pulsating, weeping
Unhinged mentality and
Aggro-violent personality...

Intentions malevolent
Compa**ion irrelevant
Biology, physics and magick
Working in unison
Ultimate realization
Upon instruction
Fleets are formed

Intentions inseminated
Impending distortions of realities
Ushered in by
Bio-engineered molecular abnormalities...

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