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Gigan - Beneath The Sea Of Tranquility lyrics

Once seen only through dreams
A frigid desert
Covered in the dust of bones and space
Pulverized remnants of civilization
Atmosphere dead and long forgotten
An environment of peace and self-reflection

A mercurial presentation
Ulterior motives abound
On her surface we walk unfettered
Yet within her intrigue surrounds

Swirling, dry solar winds
Withered, blistered surface
Una**uming vantage point
Hiding in plain sight...
One illuminated hemisphere
And one in eternal night

Subterranean infrastructure
Military command
To observe not affect
Until invasion day is at hand
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Awaiting orders with bated breath
Anxiously anticipating our impending d**h

Dizzying array of technology
Utilization of the past, future and present
Complete dedication and commitment
Without fear
Without judgement or bias
Just cold rationale blended with cruelty

Surveilled from space
Intentions unknown
Suspicious iniquity
Beneath the sea of tranquility

Days, Nights, Tides...
Omnipresent influence
Minds, Hearts, Lives
Innocence or malevolence
Buried deep inside
Beneath the sea of tranquility

Knowledge obtained is knowledge abused

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