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Gigan - Roll Call lyrics

n***as done f**ed up
Monsta Island returned
The most hated
Word is bond
Smack the blood outta him
Let em know n***a, let em know

[Verse 1: Rodan]
Capital city nights
Blood letters written in prison on a kite
Put that crab outta sight
Blow that scallywag like his first name was Kid Dynamite
One day home flirting with women that stare
Mackin' off ya feminine flare
Short skirts, fly cinnamon hair
Grimy n***as got angst rolling through tanks like Tiananmen Square
Elevate to the power of diamond
Industry virgins rub on your hymens
Faggot record label execs this ain't 1955 and we ain't no Frankie Lymans
Why do fools follow a lying critic?
Bob your head, respect the rhyming misfit
Brilliant timing receding shining
Drop more j**els than the diamond district
Designed and fitted
Jury acquitted
Verbally eclectic
Nervously respected
Purposely expected
Anointed ever since I was cervically ejected
Ear like criminal mind stay surgically connected
Solo one man goin' for self for ride thick
A hundred man deep gangland style and me and a sidekick
Smack the CO at the off duty party and slide quick
That's a live clique
Rocking heat under the seat, glide slick, sitting on a wire brick
Blow for blow celebrating tit for tatin'
Disguise gats rapped in silk and satin
And bows to the rap diplomatin'
Upper room chit chattin' over this and that an
Goin' platinum spittin' pig Latin
Written in Manhattan
Landmarked as a true believer
Weaknesses in a thousand d**hs to a deceiver
Rugged like sports apparel
You stuck in front PlayStation with Pacman fever
Monsta global plan may destroy man
Marching through the Terrordome like babes in Toy Land
Industry domination with goal to blow up like white boy band
On the battle site
Seekin' out the sun like a satellite
Reception trouble free bubble screen TV
Kick more lyrics perverse than most n***as spit on a double CD

[Verse 2: Kong]
If I be Kong
The Devil's advocate a**a**in
Assa**in the gate slashin'
Faster seat belt broke
Third gear having hara**ment
Lyrical black bastard
Burn this plastic
Stick stupid a**es for a**ets after blasting
Struck quickly, bust back
Cost your stupid a**
Buck fifty plus tax
Screaming f** that, yous a tough cat
Non sweet tooth piece
Chin full of meat
f** a fork
In a tussle rather go up in a duffle
Have you slow up on your hustle
Toe up under the trussle
Scuffle, muzzle puzzle
Shoulda spoke up, woke up coked up roked up under the sofa
Hopin' a**, broke a**
Instead of dope smoking hash?!
Drink rum out of a broken gla**
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Crooked tooth
Not need cop heat for swap meets
Pop heat to copply drop deep top speed
Philosophic topics obnoxious
Like soup with chopsticks
Y'all can't eat
Your prophet all garbage
We practice off of logic
My name is style
The most hated, underestimated
Lady never dated, just laided
Decapitated, decaffeinated
Cast get caded, master waving
Man blast and lazy
For that you ate it
We laughed and played it
Master players at the Brook house
Ma** all greatest

[Verse 3: Kamackeris]
You get smashed you b**h a** you ain't gonna last
We represent those that set the cars boom bash
Back in the diggy, you n***as getting jiggy
Frontin' like they murderin' up in ya crib burglarin'
When they ain't moving nath and talking nothing
Straight frontin'
Microphone bluffin'
And you ain't wanna put me down
Your n***as must have thought I was clown
But this world go round and Kwite Def gon loud
Yo I get up off my a** cos my a** don't slouch
Some of y'all be lazy, lookin' for handouts
Talkin' that sh** with the yuck mouth
Go ahead with it
Get off my dick and forfeit it
You couldn't do a step in my kicks and yous a critic?
That's that bullsh**tic
Y'all f**in' n***as be out bonin' broads
Who don't give a f** first night they drop draws
And you can care less about catchin' some HIV
What y'all n***as really need is some A I D
So I say La V
Y'all n***as probably
Think you gotta thug just to MC
Y'all be
Fantasy, Disney and 2D
Never kick mentally
Blind spiritually

[Verse 4: Gigan]
Quit crawling in the gutter
Departed, on that other
Eddie Wong won't get him sh**
He install it in my brother
Palm gripping rubber
Spit it all in your gutter
Splice through you blubber
Light or gem start the butter
Husbands like me don't see the name
Hand scared away in his facial
? ? ? ?
OC see the command
Move beyond Peter Pan
See the plans a bag of chicken sh**
Since you from New York you beyond all the pigment sh**
Gas him up so they flap lips and sh**
The grain move fiends so he can stack chips n sh**
Raise clips at ??
Spread samples out
Let him know whose chick this is
An innovation that would stick to this
This that raw sh**
Have you studiously studyin' in rooms
And if brothers talk war quickly bust cap weapons in school
Tell em if anything equal ???
Yo feel this Desert Eagle if you play ball with acid
Don't tell yo people
Stands out like Bugsy Siegel strapped at ball game
Take a ?? over hustle

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