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Gigan - Poizon Windz lyrics

[Produced by X-Ray]

[Verse 1: Megalon]
Scallywag bally spag, box wit a Glock in it
Rockin they rocks wit a plastic bag, knots in a cali flag
Droppin it, tinted whips with cops in it, somebody's bag
Try not to hop in it, dash down the alley fast
Somebody profited, stash the hot bisquit by script fast
Watch whips clash, badly bad bar stops with the cops in it
Daddy's rags ripped, hop in the hot whip, not meanin rap hot sh**
Toxic toxicity, pocketed knots I spit it
Which y'all should get in which hot rocks in to since I got this
Eyes wicked, pockets I suggest you soon should drop the rocket sign
Tommy you talkin to yourself again stop it
You in the back blocks with knots in ya(????????) not sick
Bow to this, I got you noddin like I'm sloppin it
Bouncin up and down like you're ridin my dick, watch this
All of a sudden you stop noddin and you started to notice
You cock-ridin son, leave you like "when is he gonna stop rhymin?"
When you like "stop, sign em" I'm from the rock bottom
We don't pop Glocks, Glocks poppin cops that got them
Neighborhood watch, pop pop pop stop watchin
Knock knock knock slugs in the door, I tried to tell the cops stop knockin
Lets get it proppin, my rock stockins gogglin ten
When I stop rockin your head 'gon start ringin
Like bringin it to the back to the top risin
Bringin it back to the block, how y'all been?
Rock choppin, got knocked again
Knockin on the wall, rhymin locked in
Eyes wide open layin on the cot plottin
My pen jottin hot one after hot one, now not signin
I'm not stoppin til everybody in this industry knows who I am
C.o.'s got they snot box knocked in
I caught another case now everybody knows where I've been
Monster Island

[Verse 2: Rodan]
Born social equality, found psycology representin son
I couldn't imagine that bullsh** if my name was John Lennon
Build castles on quicksand museum figures f.aggo.t n***as wax crews
Displays exposed flesh wound was like hot branded tattoos
Jewels pierced the body, accupuncture intricate
Tense pressure points on the junks
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On some distant infinately different sh**
Witness it, extend like avenge peon Adramada
Tenticles read the penticle, measure sh** like a borometer
Bombin ya, translate ya actions like a dialect
Interperet misinformation false application, third eye lie detect
Inactive thought pop mentality head severend
Make blood s**as unsuccessful in everyday underhanded and therend
Monster Island bretheren, six degrees like hexagon 120 lexathon
Torture snakes all night long like a s**'a'thon
(???) dark images disturbin
Gods of flight and wisdom chillin black child a be rockin a turban
Post urban landscape and even teradactal sillouette
Smack the drool out yer mouth so motherf**in hard make your pillouette
Rude awakin, sleep forsaken, rest is (???) for months
Project thoughts other places, I occupy two spaces at once
Divine evil hunch, hip hop inhabited subterraneously
Ambidextrious, write two or more verses simultaneously
Trained to be true and find a secret and silent daily rich
Who you now frontin ta be, so I a**ume another alias
True identity a Ben Afra hit ya preventin all the finger printin
Head essential lightning agency throats, thinkin of Hilary Clinton

[Verse 3: Gigan]
Before you go, let me know if you wanna start some cheddar
Cuz if we don't know if it's hot or not, but you accustomed to this weather
We can network, no stress you be set but work
Just beat me a sense and audi over there
Dressed in a skirt bloomer, stuffed up after that
Every ab slumpin in, chucks on stop through to pick up the mad dough
Go get your pc weezy, like a regular gig
Where dis (???) one big lump, the kids eyes jumped out
Who makes (????) his face, we have got to watch em
But we don't come across em, just snake test em
Version it off with a 8 ball free base and then you escape with
A worth, but for with all so what's eight, so we dough god
f** it, we got the new odds you chop to this rinky dinky spot
Without cops, knock, oh bud, after that we on amtrack
Back and forth with shorty in front
We watchin it from the back of the cars
He act up, step up and slap ya broad, get my tyrannosaurus rex on
Attackin the thing, no question
Spice it up like chicken szechuan
Shanghai'in any n***a that wanna flex they chron....

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