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Gigan - Krazy World lyrics

[Hook: Gigan] (x2)
Krazy world, get it where you fit in
Shoes add a roll of dough there for the pickin'
Switch up your stuff, telegraphin' how you livin'
It's all about me, all about you

[Verse 1: Gigan]
Check it plan em, bump wit them chumps then I abolish em
Been doin it since double 01's with five dollars
Pinstripe knees and deez with side pockets
Keep it shinin' in the Ziegfried shirt with wide collars
Since see I be shots in bam bam venom ?
I be scrammin', makin' sure them heads is satisfied with the
See the inside the cut was just right
Fresher than southern dubs, enough to buff pipes
While I turn out they chicks to s** mics and strips for the bills
And get 'em addicted and pool all they sk**s
Straight pimpin', mac daddy, ain't nothin' wrong with hustlin
When the time calls, fall, then puff on chron and bust 'em
Then I do sh** to chicks some youngins call disgustin'
f** 'em in they butt then have 'em s** off my nut then
Give 'em what they need and keep turnin' out tricks
Put 'em on the strip at nine, have 'em return about six
Then, uhm, then press the ho, put a burner out quick
Get move on the low, cause rumors spread the word of mouth quick
Pimp hoes, pimp em, blix loves, lick em, sell d** sell em
Smixin up turn you to a felon
In a...
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[Hook: Gigan] (x2)

[Verse 2: Gigan]
Listen close, ain't no doubt in the game
If you need a broke or cuttin a whole mountain of cane
You still ride up 25 percent so they chopped up
Or they drive slow till they Glock up
Open shop up, rims streach fat like bad rashes
Fall back and the guards and they be bad a**es
As they come back, it's pourin mad acid rain
Smoke an L, straight blow from them cells
Stash up, keep that dough for my bail
Plus a 44 with shells, in case sh** go to Hell
Be up on a hundred of cash with two jammies
Plus the broad to transport the crack in the poonanies
Hand pick the click of a cat thats too candy
Ride a die fan those is wilds is my man to
Tell it how it is, thug-wild style cause kids money's smart
Dont talk, just be chill and be kids B
Down for the dibs and gazelles and suede pumas
Havin broads stashin the cash in the bra and the bloomers
Cock-blockin your spot with fakes rocks to a** pimpin
Know that you puss in this cash that we pa**in you

[Hook: Gigan] (x2)

"Attention: We have heard from the control center on Monster Island that the
Two monsters have broken out. All men stand by!"

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