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Gigan - Fathomless Echoes Of Eternity's Imagination lyrics

Sailing along unaware
Bumping and crashing through time and space
Like flies trapped in a bottle
Unable to seem
Although our walls are clear
Endless space abounds
But then lungs contract
The air of our time runs out
We drop down
Over and over...
The lack of ceiling, spins
A vortex
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Pulling up yet pushing down
As though even cosmic omnipotence is...
The explicable try to control
What has become lightning in a bottle...
Energy passes through glass
Extending towards eternity
Though its power never ends
It merely changes
Akin to sand into glass...
Many grains blend to create the new form...
And these new shards are the stars
The stars that will fall and shatter the stained glass of our imaginations...

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