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Gifted - Jungle Book lyrics

Uh, point out the bounce!

[Verse 1: Kaly]
I used to smile plenty
My style deadly, with the fly vibe heavy
But my ma used to tell me
"boy sit yo a** straight up, put ya collar down
Pull ya pants up, them shoes I bought ya better lace up"
This how they raised us
Trapped me behind a pair of designer specs
That's how they framed us
I'm four eyes, i got hair on my face like most guys
Twice my age, i'm in the fourth grade, what?
No more nice guy
No more mister nice guy
It's sixth grade now i'm telling b**hes bite mine
I don't know when I changed, there's no bright line
Now my pants down to my a**, I was a bright guy

[Hook: Kaly x4 ]
I'm brown mufuka, brown mufuka, brown
And i'm proud mufuka, proud mufuka, proud

[Verse 2: Kaly]
They told me man don't need the best clothes, believe that
But stayin fly get the best hoes, I need that
So i looked to the big screen, see nothing like me
The next best thing is a dude with chains and a V
Look I ain't aimin to be what I am not
And I ain't ashamed to be me, I need a place to start
The captain said I got heart, I ain't plan it this way
Don't wanna fade, wanna stay, so I'm making my mark
Now I'm mowgli with a moog
Haji with a fitted on
Raj getting b**hes
Your stereotype sh**ted on
I shoot johnny the five for what they did to ben
Say apu one time, you'll never come again
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[Hook: Kaly]

[Verse 3: Kaly]
I remember I used to look up to ya
Saw a little of you in me and I thought I knew ya
See you looked just like me, but then I saw through ya
They wanted me to believe that I could be the ruler
Now i'm 12 inches deep in ya favorite b**h
And i'm burnin ya books and i'm flippin ya script
I wasn't born in the jungle, you mufukas trippin
But i took what you gave me and now i hear em singin
I hear em singin now...

I wanna be like you
Walk like you
Talk like you

[Verse 4: Kaly]
Now you threatened by a brown boy
Same one you would clown boy
It's funny how it go round boy
Now don't you make a f**ing sound boy, let me rock
I rap tight like a turban
I ain't m**m but i'll take all them virgins
That sh** you thinking, you won't say it in person
I ain't got not hotels, no quikemarts, just flows
Think i smell like curry? well then you standing too close
Yeah i f** with some math
Talking addin, subtractin
So I get points on the deal, you get f**ed on the back end
I'm on that monkey brain diet, so all you monkeys is dying
You don't scare me dog, i'm 2 steppin through the fire
Heard ya girl a snake charmer, i teach her some yoga
Kick her a** outta taj, with a naan and a soda
I'm brown mufuka, brown mufuka, brown
And i'm proud mufuka, proud mufuka, proud

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