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Gifted - Get Out My Way lyrics

[Intro] The Life Of Gifted

[Hook] In My way in my way in my way bitch get out my face bitch get out my face in my way in my way in my way bitch get out my face
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In my way watch a nigga pull up if fucking wanna fight then i pull up nigga cuz i got don't a problem with whipping a nigga ass all the way from Georgia to Canada a nigga is coming right now i'm the youngest nigga reaping my own town fuck every other nigga reaping the town they doing it right they doing it wrong for the hype im smoking good loud with my nigga Breezy and we high as fuck but i don't care what niggas got to say if you hate then diss me i come back the next day i will drop you like a fly catching boding is a hobbles if you trying to play fight any place anytime if you got a problem bitch then suck my dick and no not having kids with a real nigga fuck around have a heart attack fuck around and die before i put my dick in you haha

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