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Gifted - GEMINISH!T (0-100 Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse:] b**h n***a/ on a sneak tip/ f** beef/ I'm the slaughterhouse/ real sh**/
Okay, young n***a on his sh** now, gettin' back on my grind to satisfy the crowd now, lemme catch you up on some real sh**, all these thots wanna f** but they'd never understand this, this is me and I do this for a living and you bound to get cut, I ain't trynna hear the b**hing, young Sean Don sippers and we out here gettin' trippy, while the opps set trippin', and the wood grain tippin' and the rims still spinnin, and I'm feeling kinda hype, kinda feel like money spending, spending on these b**hes, so they ain't out jaw japping to the misses, and Wifey finna find out, catch the homie slippin', go missing, it seems everybody mad I'm getting b**hes, all they ex n***as want sh**, I gotta say it again?

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"b**h n***a/ on a sneak tip/ f** beef/ I'm the slaughterhouse/ real sh**"
Tell me I'm the one that you been waiting for, and I promise that you'll never wanna trade me for 'em, cause I'll do them n***as bad on my Yung Joc, beast sh**, ain't never been to court but if I do, then Ima plead 5th, I do it like I been here, no tears, better big up, get ya mind clear, I'm plotting on you, get a milli b**h, I go 0 to 100, n***a real quick, OH LAWD! Know ya self, break ya neck, n***a, watching me like I'm the muthaf**in' po's, n***a, I don't get it, is you lost, n***a? Lemme know so I can guide you like a muthaf**in' boss, n***a, hol' up, hold my phone, I see you n***as hating, now I'm in my zone, they wanna see me catch body, put my name on stone, but I ain't 6 feet deep, just deep ya hoe, wait, is you mad bro, I know you see my chain icey like a snowcone, you with a white girl right? That b**h give me snow dome, got freaky in yo '64, I skeeted in her throat, now that's nasty sh**, I like a cla**y chick, she lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets, she sayin' that she love me want me on knee, I had to cut the b**h off like "I'm only 15?" But who could blame her, who else do it like me, she wanna shimmy, shimmy ya like ODB, I had to wrap it real tight, I don't want no babies, she said she on the pill, I'm like "b**h, you crazy"
But lemme break it down on some real sh**, I know a couple n***as that'll hit a lick, and yeah I dare a n***a to spit, Ima see you in the streets on some Gemini sh**, Ima hit yo a** up on some Pac sh**, I'm the re-birth of Drake, I go 0 to 100 n***a real quick

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