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GhostXShip - Suffer lyrics

I'm raising hell, frustration is setting in. I can't contain the fury from within. The clock is ticking, and I need to release before this evil forces me to inflict harm on myself and other people. The pain I feel is so intense. This is a nightmare that never ends. I clench my fist and grind my teeth. Primordial rage builds underneath, as the lightning rides through my veins and out my mouth, vomiting clichés of dormant anger without reason from the mind of a shapeless demon. Its not the first time I've tasted sin and not the last time I suffer again. I suffer. I suffer, again.

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"I wanted this song to be related to hardships experienced in a persons life for any reason. We have all been down before, and some can find themselves down more than others, causing severe frustration that can lead people to foolish behavior. Rather than turning to substance, or violence, or some type of destructive behavior we have another way to let out our emotions. In this case, it's hardcore. And I'm letting everything out in this song....."

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