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GhostXShip - Never Abandon Ship lyrics

I would rather live in seclusion than just a minute in your illusion. I won't accept your intoxicated state this is where we will go our separate ways. I don't need you any longer and without you I am stronger. Abandonment is nothing new to me, I'm standing up for what I believe. Isolation harvests all my pain and sorrow, but I won't bury my emotions at the bottom of a bottle. My Solitude is all I know and I don't care if I'm alone. The only thing that's important to me is to live my life drug free.

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"Never Abandon Ship was the line that this band Ghost Ship was formed around. Being a Straight Edge band, our message is one that implies our life-long lasting commitment to a life abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and sex without meaning. The lyrics in this song suggest a separation from a lifestyle we won't consider ourselves a part of. People who aren't straight edge may see our band as a militant opposition, and to some extent we will be on those topics that we are passionate about. (including substance abuse that spirals out of control, alcoholism, self destructive behavior, using substances to advance yourself for sexual gain, etc.) But to say that we are going to separate ourselves completely from every non-edge person in our lives is outlandish. We all have parents, brothers, sisters, close friends, girlfriends and more who respect but don't live the same straight edge lifestyle as us, but are extremely substantial to our lives. Some of whom have shaped us into the people we have become today. Not everyone has the same situation, but for those of us that know those people going through a hard time, we will be there to lend a hand and show them the way to a clear future. And we hope that this band will help drag those people out of their own dark times and overcome those situations by themselves as well. Never Abandon Ship. XXX"

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