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GhostXShip - Into Oblivion lyrics

Until now you were undefeated. Was it worth it? Was it convenient? Into oblivion.

Foreign to these types of confrontations, your dollar is the lifeblood of their temptation. Cold steel strikes from the hands of the tainted. The body shrugs like a guiltless vagrant. Parading your vulgar tone of privilege, wont revive corpses of children. Mountains of your victims bound and gagged. Don't let it bother you, just light up and relax. Rest a**ured they will meet your demands. Into oblivion, now this blood is on your hands. Now this blood is on your hands. Funding random acts of violence and murder; Inhale, name your price you callous observer. Until now you were undefeated. Was it worth it? Was it convenient? Into oblivion. Now this blood is on your hands.
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"I wrote this song in response to our ongoing problems involving drug trafficking and gang violence within our community's vices of marijuana, c**aine, and other barbiturates. For the people in my life who have chosen to take these routes of temptation; I wanted this song to demonstrate the pain and destruction outside of the obvious physical effects that their money will drive indirectly. People may be unaware and we should shed light upon the ways that their indulging lifestyle negatively impacts our society, including execution murders, rape, extortion, kidnapping, abduction, and more or even worse. We've seen it on the news, and sometimes in our own hometowns, drug lords and cartels have hands that will stretch to anywhere they need to inflict their will. Yet the group of people that demand these poisonous products send their money willingly to places that are surrounded by these horrid subcultures. For those people I am talking about in this song: You are fueling the fire, stop."

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