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GhostXShip - Count Me Out lyrics

We are the scapegoat, the onslaught is never ending.
The wolves are loose and they're through with comprehending.
Our days are numbered the abuse is unrelenting.
Lie to the youth because the truth is condescending.

So sink your teeth in. Count me out.
I don't need to be deceiving. Count me out.
I've lost all hope for humanity. I'm holding on to my sanity.

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I'm holding on and you're letting go again.
Feeling nothing, after sunset you descend.
So this is your nocturnal prayer to forget?
Head like a hole, this void of blackness wont shroud your regret.

Now look at your reflection. Its time to face reality, and ask yourself this question:
Are we living or are we waiting to die?
Waiting to die.
Dig your own grave. Count me out.

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