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Ghostrage - Polish And Shine lyrics

Jewels tangled in my words when I speak I'm crystal clear
Teardrops frozen hanging from my chandelier, yeah
She say she want to disappear
Then leave it up to me is what I whispered in her ear

Now I think I'm too high
I can't tell if this is a damn dream or really life
I drop the top on my forty-six everyday at five
I'm switching gears in the sunset n***a bye
And tell them boys don't even try
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I don't feel like trying to tell his family how he died
I try to keep it humble but these n***as try to slide
Love in my heart until they threw me outside
She said but boy I'll never lie
I said you do you but when you speak look in my eyes
She said boy I'll do it till the day I gotta fly
I said girl don't be dramatic keep it simple and ease your mind
She brought her friends and blew my mind
She said do you mind if we unwind and interwine
I said yeah give me five
Peace out to my n***as then I ride into the night


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