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Ghostemane - Bloodshot lyrics

Back up in the motherfucking cut
With them all gold teeth
Talk a lot of shit but you're sucking my dick
Straight bumping like [?]
Can you see?
All I really do is meditate till I make it to the plane
Solo, stay away from me
I don't need a motherfucker tell me shit bout shit
Been alone since 17
Tell me to get out the shit I be spitting that's been done before
I don't see competition so I keep on depicting they cuppin' they nuts
Big buck teeth like a young King Tut
Schema the posse
I put it on my stone in a cemetery whether you bury me or scatter my ashes
You a punk bitch
If you ain't down with the K-R-double E-P like all of the masses, hoe

[Bridge: Wavy Jone$]
Pussy boy don't want beef
Pussy boy, pussy boy don't want war
Pussy boy, pussy boy ain't bout shit but that pussy boy always go'n ask you for more
Pussy boy, pussy boy don't know me
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Pussy boy, pussy boy don't know GHOSTE

[Verse 2: Wavy Jone$]
I'm scheming your hoe
I'm deep in her throat
You wifing that bitch well I piped her for show and I pull up on stunt
Smoking on some
Come on the nun
Lace my blow with a bump then I stare at the sun
Loaded my gun
My mind feeling numb
Take my time
Man this is how come I haven't spotted why you sick and tired of the truth
Grab my soul
Separated, required approve
Reincarnate the curse
Shackled to dust
The product of Satan, ain't no God I can trust

[Hook: GHOSTEMANE(x2)]
[?] up in my system
Got me on some devil shit
My eyes are bloodshot red
I'm hearing voices in my fucking head

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