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Ghostemane - Slumbag lyrics

Pushin a Crown Victoria up on that 22 inch crome
Feindin for some mothafuckin grub you bitches know the sco[re]
Higher then a bitch I'm drunk as shit
That Acid got me seein shit
Driving down the highway feelin like I'm in sega Genesis
I don't give a shit what a mothafucka say unless he say it to my face
Turn that mothafucka to a speed bump then I peel away
Schema be da click you fuck wit us you sleepin in a ditch
Rep that shit till I'm in the grave or cremated into ashes
The g h o s t e m a n to the e and I stay refreshing like yo news feed
Ain't nothin you can read
That ain't about politics and religion keep that shit from me
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You live in fear of the anti Christ rising up but that's me
I'm kickin it wit some g shit
That's locked in yo memory from a time when mothafuckas wasn't tight with they enemies
Put a bullet up in yo brain
If you a bitch made mane
I ain't the one to sympathize
Ima get my ends while you complain

Gankin on these bitches like I told ya I'm a playa mane
So many mothafuckas talkin shit it's since they cannot hang
All I dream about is puttin bitches on a crucifix
Light that bitch up like a blunt then watch em turn to ashes bitch

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