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Ghostemane - Get Up Offa Me lyrics

[GHOSTE Verse]

Keep my pimpin tight like it's some pussy that I might be slidin in but don't get it twisted bitch I don't show love unless it's my kin I been to the bottom of the bottle and all the rings of inferno only to see that without a doubt the dark is eternal
Internally keep everything inside
Give it a spot to hide
That way a bitch can ever get up into your mind
Rewire shit then accuse you of switchin up
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In they eyes
Like crazy mothafuckas that you see in insane asylums
Don't you ever pay attention to mentions of changin who you see
In yo mirror
Mira look I am Kira no shinigami but power to fuck up the enemies that are upon me
I promise
Hoe it's the k r double e p tape and don't try me bitch

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