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Ghostemane - Demon At The Swap Shop lyrics

Wake up at noon and I link wit my bitch
Sippin on liquid that fuck with my head
Still with out sippin I'm fucked in the head
Don't think I got no control of my head
There was a time when I thought that I would be the one to be smilin and gettin ahead
Now I'm the one with the fishing line wrapped around my neck and sayin hello to my dad
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People that hate me wannna see me dead
You talkin but I don't see nothin but texts
I am da chillest you hate where you at
Suckin on dick just to get you a check
Might as well sacrifice you to the devil and then you'll be somethin other than a mess
Food fa demons they need it believe it I'm telling ya hoe because I am possessed with no peace in my rest

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