Ghostemane - Seppuku lyrics

Seppuku lyrics


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[Verse 1: Yung Plague] Creepin' up out the dungeon b**h all it look like is fungus Pentagram b**h got the hunnid All of this weed i be rolling now smoking The roaches approaching the hopeless and roping the b**hes like moses and then i start stumbling Roping the bone better watch your step Toting the tec throw that shade at your neck Schema boys, $uicide throw up the set Im unleashing the evil from under my bed k**ing myself with the noose or the knife b**h I'm through with my life yea id rather be dead Let the demons arise let them enter my head Grey in my eyes but they leave something red Piercing the crucifix deep in my chest Leaving a mess for the bugs to infest [Verse 2: Lil Remains] Smoking my dope to the dome King of heron and euphoria touching my brain Look in the mirror then i f**ing figure im Lucifer running round changing the game Changing the pages of history b**h f** the Bible I'm rolling it up in a swisher f** off my liver and shivers and quivers Im popping pain pills like im popping the trigga The hit of the suicide coke that follows Bottles I swallow with scripts no regard for a tomorrow Soaking in sorrow with $carecrow has risen off the post The muddy coast sipping codeine till i overdose [Verse 3: Ghostemane] All I think about is puttin a hole in my brain Neva wanna deal with another thang That don't got a thang to do wit levitating to the plane It started witta bang ended wit me Face down on a bloody carpet and now I'm lookin down at me I neva thought that I'd be thinkin the way I been Predicaments in a pickle whatever you wanna say I know what chu wanna say You wanna say It'll be okay one day Ima roll the dice and bet 7 on d**h Don't fear the reaper he's comin to syphon the life from yo chest Say that u wishin to die but you wishin to get more attention but b**h now you next Puffin that Bible swish wit slick While watchin you die and I'm sippin my liq Soon as the bottle is done commit Seppuku I'm out this b**h [Outro: JGRXXN] x2 Commit Schemacide, with Sepukku it's your fate I hope you die slow, from the puncture of the blade If you got no nuts to do it yourself then it's okay I got the red beam, and it's aiming at your face

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