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[Verse 1] I'm that mothaf**in mane With the silver mane Game changed Grain on everything you see my face on I'm not the same I'm that level 11 mage with no lock on my rage I wanted to spread the meaning of life so I got it tatted on my Face I used to give a f** about the love I was getting from b**hes Now I only smile when a b**h asphyxiating I'm deaf to kids who criticize me but have a day job they hate b**h go lay in traffic and wait for something to flatten your f**in face I was broke and sad Now I'm rich and sad The discontent I have ain't got no price tag Money don't mean sh** f** all of the racks b**hes treat me different now I'm over that I never saw a demon till I met a label rep I'm blackmage till I die f** all of the rest I fell in love in Prague till I went to Budapest I'm tryna see the earth then die f** retirement [Hook] On the way To an early grave Just like everyone I know but we cannot be saved I'm the mage King of sodomy Open up the portal into Hades then I'll leave Don't you pray For me, I believe In a cause and effect universe, give and receive Alchemy Mental alchemy Is the only way to live on the physical plane

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