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Ghostemane - Blasphemy At Turnball Canyon lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was suicidal in FLA
Now I'm suicidal up in LA
I been tryna make shit change
Safe to say not a damn thing changed
Florida grown but I don't rep
Everybody turned they back
Now I'm glowin and they turned right back
Tryna get me up on they tracks
But it don't work like that
You a bitch and your mixtape whack
You didn't give a fuck when I didn't rap
So we'll never be cool like that
See promoters never hit me back
So I book my own shit that's facts
Now promoters saying follow me back
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But I pretend that I never heard em say that

[Verse 2]
Unzipping the body bag and I throw your career in it
I'm the blackest of mages and white as snow you're a chameleon
When you blend in to trends you think you got friends and they feeling it
But a word of advice would be to get out your feelings
I never gave a shit
If anybody listened or gave a shit
Now I get daily messages from suicidal kids
Who didn't ever go through with it
Good cuz I never went through with it too, we can be quitters together till we finally die

[Outro x2]
Fake fans tryna gimme Xans while the real ones try'na get me LSD
Never met God but I bet he wouldn't really like me
On account of my blasphemy

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