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Ghostemane - Avatar lyrics

White Vans on my feet like I'm Daniel
Your MCM rockin' Reef sandals
I'm sippin a Hennessey handle
Bitch back the fuck up I can't stand you
I don't go out a lot no
I like to stay in my home
Hittin my chick from the back on a tempurpedic leave the lights on

Danny boy (x3)
White Vans on my feet like I'm Daniel
Xanny boy (X3)
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You're stumblin I cannot stand you

You don't really know me you just know my avatar (X4)

I'm the ghost with the most known flow out the east coast
You follow me if you a dirty young Kreep goat
Mothafuckas really wanna be a dannyboy
You hoppin trends poppin xans but you broke boy
Im bout to hang ten toes just above the floor
You think I'm levitating then you see the black rope
Don't speak till you think twice in a row
Somebody save me from myself before I implode

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