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Ghostemane - As Above So Look Out Below lyrics

[Verse 1]
Slidin 'round the city with the mark of the beast
Got 7 daemons on the way to take me to Greece
So I can summon Osiris and make him battle Poseidon and when they both gone I still won't have a god to confide in
I'm trippin on shrooms a vacation
I'm lickin on Lucy escaping
All of my daily misfortunes
And I know that I'm the creator
I get so fucked in my brain
That I don't know how I can say
Anything that crosses my mind
Without it coming out the wrong way

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Lately im feelin a little okay
Top of the mountain I'm fuckin her face
Moment I cum now I believe in fate
Still wanna die but not today
I don't wanna be another mothafucka with no way to see the good in things
I smile every time I bleed yung cobaine

[Hook x2]
I'm gloin up going up jump comin up
If I don't kill myself before I see a million bucks
I'm boutta jump jump jump down a water fall
Inhale the lake
Sweet death come upon me

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