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I go to sleep and pray to God that I don't wake But he don't listen now I live to see another day I'm hazy now I think I wouldn't have It any other way I get to hypnotize yo brain like a theta wave Make my way into your cerebellum with some ill real Control yo mind make yo heart explode like k** Bill b**h I'm not a busta but you bet I bust your mandible Keep that 9 inside (?) Now my 22 I got that for my posse in the ground Then somebody gone now his flesh is no where to be found b**h I got a suicidal itch Pen to paper make sure I don't see inside of insane asylums that coincide with hate Now don't trust a motherf**er with no ends hoe Then play yo friend like Johnny Depp take on a lead role Trying to get yo cash like a succubus I used to know b**hes it's K R Double E P I'm creeping through the plains solo (?)

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