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Ghostemane - Blossom Us lyrics

Get the fuck away from us
If you're not bringing no lust
If you're metal, bitch I rust
Sweep your ashes like some dust

Fuck around hoe, bet I slump
Been dead alive my heart is torn
At our pace is how it goes
Bitches begging for some more

Fuck a stop sign, this my road
When I run I don't bring woes

Underground rising to the top
Can't escape now bitch you're locked
Don't try to be what you are not
We're the owls and fuck your flock

At the bottom of the creek
Where I be
Posted on a fucking tree
Smokin' on some sour diesel

Don't regret getting rid of your girl
GHOSTE & $ICKS we're outta this world
Psycho cycle my mind gon' twirl
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Snatch a rifle and aim to my dome, woe

What have I got now?
I don't belong in a place
I'm alone now

I don't believe you
I am the mage

Living with no love
Fuck everything
I don't need none of y'all

Thelemapy for them eyes
Don't believe what you can't see
With your boneka given eyes
Don't you follow pathethic sheep

I'm the mage
On bone scry

Speak with those you know deceased
Knowledge of the afterlife
Let 'em know what they can't seek

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