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George Ryan - Frustrated lyrics

They put up doors, before I was knocking
Now we rollin back in the car they shot Pac in
I wanna die and live fast like Johnny Rotten
Crib invasion, my boys stop talking
They put up walls but I somersault over
I'll be on top when the summers all over
Want engraved plaques, the same they gave Hova
I can make your hands clap, I try to rap Sober
But I, always cave, to my, deepest craves
I ride the train all I see are slaves and
Wrote this for days that we'd slang in a grey van
And skip school, f** b**hes and make bands
Make plans with some girls with fake tans
The game needs change so I came with some pay stands
I need stans, no time for time for fake fans
Been frustrated dawg, so I came with a spray can

Mic check, One Two, One Two
I'm frustrated boy, what you gon do?
I've been waiting for my time to blow
I'm getting faded trying to think things through

Ain't no way to change?
I scoff at you f**in' lames
Runnin' round with sterling chains
Think the game is the fame
But the game ain't changed
The game's about survival, dawg, stay insane
You fill your brain with c**aine
But it's just not the same
As the feeling that you got when you were f**in' your dame
But you're to blame dawg
You rusty like this chainsaw
I'm about to use to cut the whole game up
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You all want the top spot
I'm here to make the block hot
I'm blowing up like blocka, blocka
Spit the same sh** that they shot Pop for
I wanna go on trips with a Pop star
I wanna make hits in this 5 star
Got some change these days, I need a lot more

Mic check, One Two, One Two
I'm frustrated boy, what you gon do?
I've been waiting for my big debut
We getting faded tryin' to plot on you

Biggie, Pac, Jay-z and Slim
Top 5, George Ryan, now we talking about him?
Got styles, got waves, got
Every day I dream about mansions
Want the throne, baby pull a benz in
Want to phone, but my crib is fenced in
Retire young, no need for pensions
Got bars, but never sentenced UH
Long chains with Jesus pendants UH
Make rappers see the reverend UH
Make rappers sleep in heaven UH
Anything I forgot to mention?
Anything I forgot to mention? UH
Been on the Westside with my bredgrin
Taking trips on down to Weston
We been slanging to boys in the West end

Mic check, One Two, One Two
We frustrated boy, what you gon do?
We've been waiting for something new
We getting faded tryin' to drink these brews

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