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George Jones - For Better Or For Worse lyrics

It's not the love and honour, it's that promise to obey
That makes me think by marryin' we might be doin' wrong
And until d**h do you part just seems to choke me up to say
My love's for better or for worse, but not for long

Because the season soon will start in Hialeah
Every year I like to see the horses run
And if I lose it's just a short trip to Miami
Where a beach bum always finds 'em when it's fun

Well I was a hopin' our relationship could stay the way it's been
And I'd feel guilty if I tried to put you on
You seem to want more than the understanding woo we made a way back when
For better or for worse, but not for long

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Well if it's any comfort, when I leave it won't be someone else
To turn my head and make me leave you far behind
Your competition is the wanderlust and follow it somehow
I must You kept my heart content but not my mind

Well you might see me on a newscast from Sun Valley
I hear the skiing's fine there in July
Or I might just top the rocks on the next spaceship
'Cause they tell me it's the only way to fly

So no matter what the postmark reads from Tahoe to Tangiers
I'm where it's happening and that's where I belong
And I really mean the note "I'm having fun, wish you were here"
For better or for worse, but not for long
Well my love, better or for worse, but not for long

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