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George Jones - Night Spell lyrics

Just one more drink before we leave
To help us with our make believe
Cause emptiness oh is nothing new
To those who hurt unlike me and you

Our rented place on the north side of town
With easy terms and no love down
In a room where lonely hearts can mend
And in a game where losers like you and me play to win

Far away from the arms that won't even miss us tonight
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We feel of the need where love used to be in our lives
And the walls don't talk and the shadows fall and never tell
Where our pa**ion leads in the secrecy of a night spell
Night spell night spell

We let go the spell is gone
And all that's left is going home
Going home to a world that only waits until
We're just going to run again
From all the things we feel

Far away from the arms that won't even miss us tonight...

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