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George Jones - You All Goodnight lyrics

The other day I met a girl while strolling through the park
And pretty soon this little girl was flirting with my heart
I'm so glad that I was there to find this lovely queen
The clock was striking romance right at two-fifteen
I kissed her once and held her tight and then I kissed her twice
She snuggled in my arms and said you kissed me oh, so nice
So far was I lost in a dream because she was my kind
Was then that I decided I would change her name to mine

At four-fifteen I bought the ring and bought the licence too
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We stood before the preacher then and we both said I do
The preacher said my children I pronounce you man and wife
May your troubles all be small ones for the balance of your life

We found a furnished bungalow, the answer to our dreams
And we became the owners at exactly nine-fifteen
At ten-fifteen we locked the doors and turned out all the lights
And here my story ends my friend, I bid you all goodnight
And here my story ends my friend, I bid you all goodnight

Honey, is it morning yet? It ain't, well, goodnight...

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