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George Jones - Love Is All We Need lyrics

Well just across the street from our little three rooms shack
There's a mansion that reaches the sky
With at least a dozen rooms and a great big swimming pool
Two sport cars and three long Cadillacs

And the only thing I own is a broken down old Ford
Half the time it won't even start
But you're won't hear us fightin' at four in the morning
Calling names to break each other's hearts

So they can have it we don't need it
Let them keep it and call it their own
Livin' that kind of life is not for you and me
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We got love and love is all we need

I've never tired of wearin' that same old shaggy dress
One I bought down at the dollar store
Well if I watch ev'ry dime I spend and I save ev'ry stamp I can
Just get the things I know we can afford

And ev'ry afternoon I sit upon the porch
Watch them as they pa** through those gates
I may wonder what it's like to be a fancy lady
But I always have a smile in my face

So they can have it we don't need it...
We got love and love is all we need

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