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George Jones - God Keeps The Wild Flowers Blooming lyrics

I been working all day long on some old forgotten place
A place where mom and papa rest beneath the cold cold clay
Though the tears may fill my eyes there's a smile upon my face
I see God remembered mom and daddy put flowers on their grave

And there's wild flowers blooming on mom and papa's graves
There's no tame ones ever brought here anymore
For the family they've all gone I've been in prison much too long
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But God keeps the wild flowers blooming on mom and papa's grave

You know I still remember just as though it was only yesterday
All the hell that my mom and dad went through to live on from day to day
But the love they both gave us oh it was surely heaven sent
And all the heartaches that I know I've caused 'em God knows I'll always regret

And there's wild flowers blooming

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