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George Jones - Please Don't Sell Me Anymore Whiskey Tonight lyrics

Please don't sell me any more whiskey tonight
Or when I go home me and baby will fight
Cause when I start drinkin'
You know that my reasoning is not right
So please don't sell me any more whiskey tonight

I know bootlegger that you're making money
But you're trouble at home
Cause every bottle that you sell to me
We're doing my baby wrong
When I am sober I never fail
To kiss my little darling goodnight
I know she loves me
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But I love my whiskey
And I just don't do baby right

I used to love good country preaching on Sundays
And fishing on warm summer days
But now it don't matter if the sun never shines
Cause drinking has changed all my ways
If I come back mister for any more whiskey
Please let your conscience be right
I come here please please don't you sell me
Any more whiskey tonight

Please don't sell me any more whiskey tonight…

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