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George Jones - If Drinking Don't k** Me (Her Memory Will) lyrics

[Verse One]
The bars are all closed
It's four in the morning
Must have shut 'em all down by the shape that I'm in
I lay my head on the wheel and the horn begins honking
The whole neighborhood knows
That I'm home drunk again

If drinking don't k** me, her memory will
I can't hold out much longer, the way that I feel
[Lyrics from: https:/**-me-her-memory-will.html]
With the blood from my body, I could start my own still
But if drinking don't k** me her memory will

[Verse Two]
These will old bones they move slow
But so sure of their footsteps
As I trip on the floor and I lightly touch down
Lord, it's been ten bottles since I tried to forget her
But the memory still lingers lying here on the ground


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