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George Jones - Telephone Call lyrics


Tina,let me talk to you're mommy.

You can't right now daddy She's doing the drier.

Well, just tell her that the flame of love is still burning.

Mommy, daddy said something is caught on fire.

Tina, just say ill be home early.

I better not daddy She's to upset about the fire.

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No, the flames of love don't mean there's something burning.

Mommy, I think daddy just called you a liar.

Tell her, I just called to say "I love her."

You better wait a while daddy, I think she's really mad.

Put down that phone and go and get you're mommy right now!

Daddy I can't talk anymore. Cause mommy just walked out the door.
And I'm going with her.
Bye daddy!

I wonder if I Just did something bad.

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