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Gemini Major - Juice Back lyrics

[Hook: Nasty C]
Man man man you should hate yourself
Look in to a mirror nigga rate yourself
Look at the shit that we doing, motivate yourself
Brace yourself
I done got ma motherfucking juice back (yeah)
I done got ma motherfucking juice back (I Got Ma Juice)
I done got ma juice back
I done got ma motherfucking juice back
Motherfucking. Juice, juice, juice juice juice, juice, juice
Ok juice

[Verse 1:Nasty C]
Back in the game like it twister my nigga
Right on the spot like its twister my nigga, get it
I been under pressure lately, a bit too much to make a diamond
If its estimated,a bit too much to weigh the music and the school shit
And it all because I try to balance both, like I have to make it
I need a lot of hate for the stress, I give out a lot of babies everyday
She blowing up my phone with the text, like she think she got a baby on the way
I tried to tell her to get rid of it, but all she do is call me ignorant
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We always fighting over some little shit, I'm cold heart, I'm evil
I'm inconsiderate, and I'll be god damned, I can't worry bout pampas
The weight on my shoulders is just enough damage, I dropped a hell of a tape
Took a break, now I'm working on something to match it
Me that rude boy name major is major, that happens when talent is natural
I got my juice and its time I say something to these rappers
Something to these rappers

[Hook: Nasty C]

[Verse 2:Nasty C]
I drop that price city mixtape, and then a nigga went silent
I did way to many niggas a solid, when bea told me she feeling noshes I prayed to god and he responded
I been feeling way way way way up Getting cake, but I only show them the cookie jar, working in private I never bothered nobody but, I still wish a nigga would up on a shooting star Nigga
You drop one song that they don't fuck wit and they gone hate you Them niggas ain't fam to me, if that blunt ain't thicker then yellow pages
Fuck it I'll bleed out an ocean, my nigga humble until you provoking
My little nigga stronger man this is what I told them
The grass is only greener, when you smoking, nigga, so I be where the garden at Had you check my pockets and they feeling like a parliament, pardon that
But when you buzzing look at how they try to call you back And the real ones that with you won't run, who ever's there now Should have been there from one, some will ride with you, and some will ride on you, What goes around, comes back around like a blunt, nigga

[Hook: Nasty C]

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