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Garrett Lodge - *PRO lyrics

n***a, it's recording?

[Hook x2]
Drugs stashed in my pants
Get the cash in advance
I'm after hundreds of bands
And panoramas in cans
You a cancer man
So you don't stand a chance
I smoke medicinal plants
And you got dwindling fans

I got stuck in a portal
I don't f** with you mortals
There's no such thing as normal
It's just a difference in morals
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[Verse 1]
If you snitchin'
Then you swimmin' with the fish in the corals
Do you sleep in the deep end
And I'm keepin' a snorkel

[Verse 2]
I see visions of God
And the voice of the Devil
Every rose got its thorns
And there's blood on the petals
Foot stuck to the pedal
Pedaled Le Tour De France
You can be LeBron on steroids and get strung up by Lance
Hit up them pharmacist vans
And get caught in a Xans
If I don't know the mother f**er then I'm charging them mans
Dawg ? as a substitute brand
I'm after Oscars while you rummage through cans

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