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G Rocka - Wanted lyrics

[Verse 1: B-Real]
You wanna approach me?
Use the right protocol!
I put you to sleep like you OD'ed on Propofol
Bitches have so much gall
Now your falls coming soon
Another rapper, a tomb
Glass case, shell, doom!
You are now in tune to the greatest, the latest the waited
Diamond 'n glo, slayed it, created, they hit you brainless
You wanted me to say it
OK, it couldn't be said better!
Inspirational message and letters from go-getters
We decide whether or not we're blowing up spots
As lethal as a champion of 'King of the Dot'
Loaded and locked, exploded and rocked
Corroded your block, you drove in a shot!
The more than the prop, tied you a knot
Time on the clock, stop!
Like the stop watch cause we're top show
Like Kobe in his prime, define top notch!
Kick you in the crotch with a cheap shot
But I think not!
What you gonna do when the fucking beat stops?

[Hook: Demrick & Xzibit]
There he go (get 'em!)
There he go (get 'em!)
There he go (get 'em!)
And anybody that's with 'em! (hit 'em!)
There he go (get 'em!)
There he go (get 'em!)
There he go (get 'em!)
And anybody that's with 'em! (hit 'em!)
I'm a wanted man, (yeah!)
Bitches got it bad (yeah!)
Haters want my life, (yeah!)
Catch me if you can! (if you can!)
Catch me if you can! (if you can!)
Catch me if you can! (if you can!)
I'm a wanted man
So catch me if you can!

[Verse 2: Demrick]
Cause for that stash
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I keep in that coffee can under my bed
Shit could get sacrilegious
And I lay bitches flat ray backs like practicious
A man that lacks vision is prone to make bad decisions
All I had was ambition and a mission to get out of this position
I was raised, but wasn't nobody listening
To shit I had to say, respect was only paid
If you're balling like Battier
So put that glove and bat away!
In exchange for a gun, son, point it that-a-way
Let it spray what a great way to fuck up my Saturday!
Way too young to have a drink
Way too young to have to think
Rolling 'round on half a tank
It's my uncles I had to thank!
It was them we emulate and imitate
So I'm at this 7-11 with a .357 and pale face
Let's do this beer run
Hurry up 'fore they hear something!


[Verse 3: Xzibit]
I decapitate my enemies
Know I get paid for most of 'em
Hesitation and patience, I'm running out of both of them
Set sail, smash the champagne on the side of it
I'll Titanic you niggas
Iceberg, I hit you with the Mossberg
Sawed off nicely, in a white T
Point blank range, politely squeeze, this excites me!
I'mma live by the bullet 'til it bites me
I'm doing life, how come momma never writes me?
These real keys take time, so meticulous
Thinking at thieves, intelligence feed
My agenda is the flashback coast what's stress from the PTS
Fuck what you're saying, motherfucker
Say it with your chest!
You're being held for ransom
Citizens, our demand's a hundred million untraceable euros wrapped in plastic bags
Cause you're playing with your life
If you think I'm thinking twice
Now you walkin' to the light!


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