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G Rocka - UntilNextTime lyrics

[Verse 1]
Forgotten lies, retarded rumors
The past graph all my niggas just prosecute it
The persecuted, product of soul music
Niggas I never call, call out patootis
After oprah with my war in London she's a watcher
I mean to look her, but all I do is watch her
Can't stop her from buying all kind of flashy watches
She's convicted with all the shit we got a lot in common
Sex, drugs and junkies didn't know that time is money
Be advised to take a piece you gotta take it from me
Fighting as I facilitate a whole country
You looking like a type to leave a niggas hungry
Goons carrying salt on, some marijuana
I try to call 'em off but they live for the trauma
Truth is the true an officer shoot and bother
Niggas love their mama, you acting like their father
He used to be the guy that hooked 'em right away with Kesha
Yeah, she caught 'em fucking on the easter sunday
Like the reborn, the wild hater
Refrigerator broke, but we still eating
Fast food produce a faster hole
Some of them stretching left that ass exposed
We laughing, we celebrating now she toast
Baby see to '98, can we go
Still serenade my love for you
Just a dancer, but daddy wanted a little lawyer
Cut from her campus stroll got some clear vodka
Shots for the happy hour, yeah
Dead presidents to represent a right to shower
Turn up a little louder

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[Verse 2]
My skin tougher, my temper cool
Not in the liquor but finna take me a sip of lood
The real nigga, all the real niggas
I got them realize they couldn't be with us
My drank he drank, we had the greatest friendship
Feel like shit cause I ain't talked to him every minute
I mean months, who the fuck I'm kidding
He was definitely getting really wet and winning
All the pieces of the puzzle missing
He underground, nothing done, not forgiven
Train hard for the darkest feelings
Playing chess in the park, hear the park a sinner
We forget the things to remember
The way we fall in and break but never think to linger
To the women I take in the ghetto
To have a little sex but then never committing
They know the day I die, the day that I'm quitting
You wouldn't last a day in a nigga position
My unusual nigga appearance
Fake niggas taking turns with their terms of endearment
To Bigga Fi and my brother Josiah
I give thanks for the blessings you brothers provided
Had to tell my daughter keep her page private
They don't always wanted if you always hide it
Exercise your mind and your kids ain't excited
Don't let an ignorant nigga ever think he's entitled
Try get the paper on spin cycle
You dirty niggas need to invest start a dial
Young nigga know when you're back in time
Give me my respect and give me back my style
Give me my respect and give me back my style

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